BSidesCharm 2024 tickets will be sold over the course of three rounds:

  • 1st round: Sunday, Feb 25 2024 @ 2000 EST 
  • 2nd round: Wednesday, Mar 6 2024 @ 1600 EDT 
  • 3rd round: Monday, Mar 11 2024 @ 1300 EDT 

Training registration information will be included with the ticket statements.

Tickets are only $30.00 each!

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Training Registration

Details on registering for training was included with your attendance ticket. Registration for training tickets was made available only to valid ticket holders on March 22nd 2024.
If the registration code in your training email does not work then this means that training for those classes has been sold out. You can continue to try the code at future dates in case a seat has been canceled. In the event that a seat is not made available, we do allow conference attendees, without confirmed training registrations, to line up outside the training classroom before the class. We typically have some no-shows, so often some folks lined up in the stand-by line get into the training. This line is first come, first served so we recommended getting there early to have a shot at getting into the class.